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Stone Print Chiffon Dress - Straight Slim Cut

Regular price $40.00 USD
Regular price $45.00 USD Sale price $40.00 USD

The Chiffon Stone Print - Straight Slim Cut is a Slim Cut Dress. Meaning it runs smaller in the waist then regular cut dresses.

Please make sure to choose the right size when ordering.

While sizes are listed as 54 • 56 • 58 • 60 this refers to the length of the dress and are based off traditional Abayas length.

Example: If you’ve purchased a dress before in say size 56 in a regular cut then most likely you’d choose a 58 in this dress. While itll be longer it’ll also fit better in the waist 

There is another version of this dress - labeled “ruffled style” that is reg cut if you prefer that.

This is a SALE item and is limited in quantity

If you have any questions please contact us at 612 987 4002 between 12pm and 9pm central standard time (USA)

Model is wearing size 54 in the straight slim cut